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4.06.16 Research on professional identity of lecturers at British universities

Senior research fellows of the Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research Alexander Sorokin and Mikhail Gribovskiy have conducted fieldwork at British universities.

29.05.16 Open Day for prospective students interested in anthropology held at LSAR

On May 28th, 2016, an Open Day was organized for prospective students curious to know more about anthropology at TSU.

12.05.16 A course by Nikolai V. Ssorin-Chaikov through the students’ eyes

From April 21st to April 27th, 2016, a series of lectures and seminars themed ‘Introduction to Social Anthropology’ was given by international professor of Higher School of Economics (Saint Petersburg) Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov (PhD, Stanford) at the TSU Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research. 

7.05.16 Student Symposium to be held in the framework of the First Tomsk Anthropological Forum in September 2016

Senior undergraduate and master students are welcome to take part in the Student Symposium organized for them within the First Tomsk Anthropological Forum (TAF) to be held in Tomsk on 15-17 September, 2016.

4.05.16 “The Challenge of the Refugee Crisis – Panacea or Pandemonium for Europe?”

The Central European University (Budapest), Political Science Department, has announced a conference on issues associated with the European Refugee Crisis to be held on 15-17 August 2016 for undergraduate students  majoring in political science, anthropology, sociology, international studies, security studies, geopolitics, area studies, economics, nationalism studies, and related fields.

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