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17.09.14 Ethno-forum, street art, ethnographic conceptualism

On September 19, at 14:00, in the Periodicals Hall of Tomsk State Pedagogical University (66, Gertsen Str.), a round table discussion themed ‘Ethno-forum, street art, ethnographic conceptualism’ will be held.

15.09.14 Issue #1 (2014) of the Siberian Historical Research journal released

The first revised issue of Siberian Historical research (2014) has been released, the theme of it being ‘Europe-Russia-Siberia: Specifics of Research and Perception’.

13.09.14 The topography of happiness: ethnographic contours of modernity

On September 20th, the bookstore ‘Akademkniga’ hosted a presentation of the book ‘The topography of happiness: contours of modernity’ authored by Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov and published by the New Literary Observer publishing house in 2013.

12.09.14 Class timetable for the course ‘Anthropology of post-socialism’ available

The class timetable for the lectures by Cambridge University Research Fellow and Lecturer and TSU LSAR Leading Researcher Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov on ‘Anthropology of post-socialism’ is now available. The lectures will be given on September 15-20, 2014, at Tomsk State University.

12.09.14 International multidisciplinary scientific conference on social sciences and arts SGEM-2014

On September 1-10, 2014, LSAR Senior Research Fellows Mikhail V. Gribovskiy and Alexandr N. Sorokin took part in the International multidisciplinary scientific conference on social sciences and arts SGEM-2014 held in the cities of Varna and Albena (Bulgaria).

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