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11.03.15 International conference titled, ‘How they become Siberians: historical memory, life trajectories, and practices of rooting’

The Centre for Independent Social Research (Irkutsk), with support from the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation and with participation of the Interregional Institute of Social Sciences (Irkutsk State University) will hold the III International conference of young researchers of Siberia.

5.03.15 Sergey Markedonov to give a talk at TSU

On March 11, 2015, 14:45 to 16:35, Sergey M. Markedonov will give a talk on the topic of ‘Ukraine crisis and ethnopolitical conflicts in the post-Soviet space’ at the TSU Research Library Small Conference Room.

23.02.15 ‘Evolutionary foundations of human behaviour’

On March 2-6, 2015, professor of the Educational and Scientific Centre of Social Anthropology at the Russian State University for the Humanities, Head of the Cross-Cultural Psychology and Human Ethology Unit at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology (Russian Academy of Sciences) Marina L. Butovskaya will hold a workshop titled, ‘Evolutionary foundations of human behaviour’ to take place at the TSU Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research.

11.02.15 ‘French Ethnology: the XX century’

February 27 to March 13, 2015, professor Otto Habeck (Institute of Ethnology at the University of Hamburg) will give lectures on ‘French Ethnology: the 20th century’ at the LSAR.

31.01.15 Seminar ‘Contemporary approaches in anthropological studies of religion’

On February 9-13, 2015, at the Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research there will be a seminar dedicated to ‘Contemporary approaches in anthropological studies of religion’ held by Agnieszka Halemba, research fellow at the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Warsaw.

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