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8.01.17 Third International STS Summer School

TSU Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research, TSU Laboratory of Biogeochemical and Remote Monitoring Methods, and Bio-Clim-Land Centre of Excellence together with Scientific Research Institute of Biology and Biophysics and Policy Analysis and Studies of Technology Centre (PAST-Centre) are pleased to invite master students, doctoral, and postdoctoral researchers to take part in the 3rd International STS Summer School  ‘Anthropology of Science and Modern Forms of Life: Camera Ethnography as an Approach to Studying Laboratory Practices’.

26.12.16 Anthropological issues through the eyes of LSAR guest lecturers

The end of 2016 turned out to be pretty much filled with LSAR educational events. In the months of November and December, LSAR students of anthropology and all interested had a chance to attend lectures and seminars given by several guest Russian scholars.

27.11.16 Studying borders

From September 27 to October 12, 2016, Ivan O. Peshkov, a lecturer from the University of Poznan (Poland) and specialist in migration, borders research, and historical memory, gave a series of lectures at the Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research.

27.11.16 A seminar ‘Publishing in international journals’ held by Dr. Oleg V. Korneev

Almost each and every researcher, irrespective of his/her academic title or position, is aware of such notions as ‘Web of Science’, ‘Scopus’, ‘Quartile’, ‘Impact-factor’, etc. All of them originate in the international practice of scientometrics but have increasingly been used as criteria for evaluation of Russian scientists’ work.

20.10.16 A laboratory of linguistic anthropology will be created at TSU

A team of TSU scientists led by the Russian Academy of Sciences corresponding member Anna Dybo has received a so-called mega-grant from the Russian Ministry of Education to conduct research into languages and cultures of Southern Siberia.

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