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15.06.15 The Siberian Historical Research Journal has been included in ERIH PLUS

On June 9th, 2015, after almost six months of waiting for the application to be considered, there has been a decision made to include the journal ‘Siberian Historical Research’ in the largest European journal database on the humanities and social sciences ERIH PLUS.

11.06.15 Be Smart - Be Mobile

On June 16, 2015, 18:00, Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research jointly with European Union Centre in Siberia will hold a roundtable discussion themed ‘Be Smart - Be Mobile: migration as it is perceived by the youth’.

4.06.15 The importance of the defeat of fascism for the post-war development of Germany and Russia

On June 8, 2015, a roundtable discussion will be held at TSU, dedicated to implications of the victory over fascism in May 1945 for Germany and Russia.

24.05.15 Kai Donner photographs exhibited at TSU

On June 1, 2015, at 17:30, the exhibition, titled ‘Peoples and cultures of Siberia in photographs taken by Finnish linguist and anthropologist Kai Donner’ has been launched at the TSU Culture Centre. 

17.05.15 Research school-workshop ‘Migration and ethnicization of the urban space’

The second stage of the competitive selection for participation in the research school-workshop ‘Migration and ethnicization of the urban space’, to be held by the Laboratory for social and anthropological research (Tomsk State University) in collaboration with the Laboratory of historical and political demography (Irkutsk State University) and Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Russia on June 17-20, 2015, has started.

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