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15.03.14 Globalsib information portal on Oleg Oberemko’s lectures

The internet portal ‘Globalsib’ informs about open lectures given by Higher School of Economics Associate Professor Oleg Oberemko at Tomsk State University. The lectures were meant to help researchers dealing with identity and, also, to teach participants how to interpret current social and political events through the prism of modern research approaches.   

13.03.14 Oleg Oberemko’s lectures on social identity

Established expert in social sciences, Moscow Higher School of Economics lecturer Oleg Oberemko delivered a series of lectures at TSU dedicated to ‘Theories and methods of studying identity’.  During the classes one could learn about what identity is and how to study it.

4.02.14 Elena Trubina on how Richard Florida’s ideas were adopted in Russia

In the NZ journal issued by the New Literary Observer publishing house there was an article published by Ural Federal University Professor Elena Trubina. In her contribution, the author – Russian leading anthropologist and urbanist – studies the embodiment of Richard Florida’s ideas in Russia, including in the city of Tomsk.

15.01.14 Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov’s interview with the information portal ‘VTomkse’

The portal ‘VTomske’ held a conversation with the social anthropologist invited to Tomsk by TSU – Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov who told about his experience as a researcher working in Russia and abroad and also expressed his view of the prospects for studying social anthropology at TSU.

27.01.15 Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov’s interview with TSU TV

Lecturer of Department of Social Anthropology of Cambridge University Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov delivered open lectures at TSU titled ‘Social Anthropology: Introduction’. TSU TV correspondents held a conversation with Nikolai about who a modern anthropologist is, and what the difference between anthropology in Russia and abroad is.

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