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20.10.14 ‘Evening Tomsk’ on ‘Man in a Changing World’ international conference

In its section ‘Naukograd’ the Evening Tomsk newspaper covers an international conference ‘Man in a Changing World’ held on October 14-15, 2014, at Tomsk State University.

20.10.14 TSU Alma Mater on TSU ‘Man in a Changing World’ conference

The newspaper published an article dedicated to the holding of an international conference ‘Man in a Changing World’ carried out at TSU on October 14-15. The event gathered historians, sociologists, political science specialists and anthropologists from across the world. Head of the LSAR Irina Nam told the Alma Mater what topics were discussed within the conference’s 13 sessions and what ‘research stars’ visited Tomsk to participate.

18.10.14 Professor Oushakine on the ‘Chas Pik Subbota’ programme

On October 18, 2014, formerly resident of Tomsk and currently Princeton University Professor Serguei Oushakine appeared on the TV2 channel programme ‘Chas Pik Subbota’. He arrived in Tomsk to participate in a Tomsk State University conference held last week. Professor Oushakine was invited as a key speaker to deliver his talk on ‘The issues of identity and social adaptation in history and modernity’ and told about what social anthropology is and how one can study people living today and the way they organize their life.

16.10.14 The ‘Mesto vstrechi’ TV programme on a TSU anthropology conference

On October 16, 2014, in the ‘Universitetskiy Prospect’ (*University Avenue) section of the TV2 programme ‘Mesto vstrechi’ (*Meeting point) there was a report broadcast dedicated to the international conference themed ‘Man in a Changing World’ organized by the Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research and held at Tomsk State University.  

15.10.14 Victor Dyatlov on migration on the TV2 channel

On October 15, 2014, Irkutsk State University Professor Victor Dyatlov spoke on the ‘Chas Pik’ programme about contemporary migration issues, migration policy of the state, and some aspects of Chinese migration.

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