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23.02.15 Radio interview with Agnieszka Halemba on Radio Rossiya (Tomsk)

On February 16, 2015, associate professor at the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology (University of Warsaw, Poland) Agnieszka Halemba spoke to the Radio Rossiya about the specificities of studying religion and its place in modern society in anthropological perspective.

20.02.15 TSU historians establish a world class laboratory

The Tomskiye Novosti newspaper tells about the Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research established at the TSU Department of History, its research and education activities and the launch of a new specialty.

24.12.14 Nikolay Ssorin-Chaikov’s interview for TSU Alma Mater

TSU newspaper ‘Alma Mater’ has published an interview with the leading research fellow of the TSU Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research and lecturer at the University of Cambridge Nikolay Ssorin-Chaikov, dedicated to people’s perceptions of and ideas about happiness in different cultures and at different times in history.

22.12.14 Research trip to the University of Goettingen

On the website of the Goettingen University Faculty of Theology (Germany) there has been posted a piece of news on research trips made by Russian scholars, including representatives of the TSU Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research, to the university in October-November 2014.

24.10.14 Talk with Dmitry Funk on Radio Russia - Tomsk

Chief Research Fellow of the LSAR, Professor Dmitry Funk was invited to take part in the programme ‘Evening Crossroads’ on the Radio Russia – Tomsk. Professor Funk told the audience about what social anthropology is and what Tomsk researchers study in this field.

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