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‘Theories and methods in the study of identity’, a series of lectures by Oleg A. Oberemko

On March 13–14, 2014, Associate Professor of the Moscow Higher School of Economics Oleg A. Oberemko (Department of sociological research methods) gave a number of lectures titled ‘Theories and methods in the study of identity’ at the TSU LSAR. Oleg Oberemko is a well-known expert in identity studies and his lectures were dedicated to theoretical and methodological aspects of applying the interactionist approach to the study of identity. During the two days of classes, the participants learnt about the sociological conceptualization of the term ‘identity’ and how to use it in certain studies. Particular attention during the lectures was drawn to the analysis and reconstruction of categories of social identification based on qualitative data.

In total, over 60 people attended the course. The majority of the participants were TSU faculty and students of the Department of history and other departments – 47 people altogether. Along with them, other universities’ faculty and representatives of Tomsk organizations also took part – Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics, Tomsk State Pedagogical University, Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building, Tomsk Branch of the Russian Academy of Justice, Forensic Centre at the Tomsk Region Internal Affairs Directorate, the Aelita entertainment centre, etc. In their feedback on the lectures the participants stressed the relevance of the topics studied and the interesting presentation of the material, and most of them evaluated the lectures as useful and relevant for their further professional activities.

Following Oleg Oberemko’s visit to the TSU LSAR, there was an agreement reached on his further involvement in LSAR research projects on regional identity. Also as a result of the visit, the LSAR launched regular online seminars aimed at discussing the course of implementation of joint research.  

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