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Tomsk committee of scientists as a social form of organization of fundamental and applied studies in physics during the Great Patriotic war (1941-1945)

Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences. 2015. № 214. Pp. 706 – 713.

Alexander Sorokin

In this article the work of the first in its kind organization in the USSR – Tomsk committee of scientists for assistance to industry, transport and agriculture in wartime – was reconstructed. The reconstruction is based on the basis of both published and unpublished sources and periodic press. Beyond doubt, the Committee of scientists is of great interest as a social form of science organization, a unique model of relationship between academic teaching staff and authorities as well as industry. The article takes into account questions of dynamics of student and academic teaching staff numbering at Tomsk universities and research-scientific institutes throughout the war and problems of organization of the research-scientific work. Special attention is paid to contribution made by studies in physics in the Victory over Nazis, assistance to industry, health care, agriculture, transport, exploration of mineral deposits. The article is meant for those who are interested in the history of the Great Patriotic War, higher education and science, whole Soviet period of Russian history.

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