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The Role of the American Press in Covering the Crisis of the Omsk Government of Admiral Kolchak in the Summer of 1919

Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences. 2015. № 214. Pp. 946-951.

Nikita Glushchenko

The study represents a review of several key issues related to the Civil War and foreign intervention in Russia that were covered by the American press. The author points to the foreign press’s high awareness of the events in Russia in 1918 to the 1920s and to its interest in covering those and shows the specificities of foreign correspondents’ perception of information. The article attempts to trace the role of the press in the formation of public opinion in countries of the West, first of all in the US, about supporting the intervention in Russia. The author draws particular attention to the role of the American periodical press in covering the crisis of the Omsk government of Admiral Kolchak in the summer of 1919.

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