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Euric, the Leader of the Visigoths – Friend or Subject: The Treaty of 475 in Sources and Studies

Tomsk State University Bulletin. 2014. No. 378

D.S. Konkov

This article presents an analysis of the agreement between Nepos, the Roman emperor, and Euric, leader of Aquitaine Visigoths, concluded in 475. Many scholars consider this agreement as a turning point in the process of decline of the Western Roman Empire, leading to its fall in 476. As a result of anthropological critical analysis of the source and comparing existing approaches to the study of this problem, the local character of the subject of negotiations linked to a particular incident was established. Specifics of the source lead to overestimating the significance of the agreement of 475. The article examines the significance of the fact that the Emperor addressed the leader of the Visigoths as a “friend”, and proves the fallacy of interpretation of such address as a formal term meaning legal equality of the parties.

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