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Censorship practices towards Siberian provincial gazette

Censorship in Russia: past and present. A collection of research works. – Spb.: RRL, 2015. – pp. 192–205.

V.V. Shevtsov

Drawing on the legislation on publishing the provincial gazette, newspapers and archival materials the paper explores the censorship regime and censorship practices in terms of publishing the provincial gazette in Siberia. Governor’s attitude towards his affiliated newspaper and social and political changes in the country may have led to the release of an unofficial part of the provincial gazette going beyond the predefined programme. Governor-General and Governor’s censorship in Siberia, on the one hand, deterred the development of the gazette, and on the other, provided trust to its editor whose activities received administrative support. In this case the gazette would be brought back to the legislative framework by the higher censorship authorities – the Interior Ministry Central Directorate for press.

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