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To the memory of Eleonora L. Lvova

On November 27, 2014, Eleonora L. Lvova has passed away. Professor Lvova will be remembered as the Teacher, Interlocutor, Mentor, and Inspirer of the LSAR team. It was her idea to create and develop a centre of social anthropology in Tomsk that has become embodied in the present project ‘Man in a Changing World’. Eleonora Lvovna had a unique and rare ability to see the very essence of things, be it simple everyday things or global complex issues. Her seminars inspired students, conversations with her enriched colleagues, her voice as a public activist made even high-ranking officials listen. Now that Eleonora Lvovna has gone, the project of her life and the memory of her will go on in the hearts of her loved ones, her colleagues, and numerous students.

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