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Introduction to Social Anthropology

On December 16-21, Nicholai Ssorin-Chaikov, expert in Anthropology, Researcher and Lecturer at the University of Cambridge (Department of Social Anthropology) will deliver a course of lectures “Introduction to Social Anthropology” at the TSU Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research (Russian Government Grant No. 14.B25.31.0009).

Main objectives of the course:

Course structure

The course is divided into three logical blocks. In the first part reviews the context of establishing anthropology as knowledge about Another One, and covers schemes that became classics after “relativistic turn” in anthropology. The central theme of the second part is a “historical turning point” that lead to rethinking the role of anthropology in its relations with authorities, resulting in a paradigm shift in anthropological study of politics and intensifying reflexive motives in anthropological methodology. In the third part of the course, new knowledge and approaches to anthropology of state, market and subjectivity are discussed within the historical and anthropological framework introduced in the previous parts.


16.12. Monday 16.35 - 18.10, 33(3)

17.12. Tuesday 14-45 - 18.10; 18.25 – 20.00, 27 (3)

18.12. Wednesday 16.35 -18.10, 27 (3)

19.12. Thursday 16-35 - 18.10; 18.25 - 20.00, 27 (3)

20.12. Friday 16-35 - 18.10; 18.25 - 20.00, 7 (3)

21.12. Saturday 16.35. - 18.10; 18-25– 20.00, 27 (3)

The course will be taught in Russian.

Everyone is welcome regardless of specialty and areas of training.

Faculty and staff members have the opportunity to take these courses as a professional training and receive a certificate upon completion.

The project "Man in a Changing World. Identity and Social Adaptation: Past and Present" is funded by the Russian Government
(grant #14.В25.31.0009)
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