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The Master's Programme ‘Migration Studies’

MA ‘Migration Studies’


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The MA ‘Migration Studies’ is unique in at least two respects: 1). it is Russia’s first consolidated programme to deal exclusively with one of most pressing issues for contemporary societies globally – migration; 2). in disciplinary terms, it draws heavily on social anthropology, providing training in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. The Programme aims to equip students with applied knowledge and skills enabling them to work in such professional areas as research, analytics, consultancy, management, and administration, with migration being an underlying topic.

To ensure best education quality, we make the most of contemporary educational practices and technologies, including inter-disciplinary and applied research, project- and problem-based learning. Students will also have diverse internship opportunities while studying with us.

Another unique feature of our Programme is a strong emphasis we place on developing language competence. Here, students will have the opportunity to study European and Asian languages, including Central Asian languages, and, they will major in either European or Eurasian migration systems. Also, the Programme will allow students study some of the courses at partner universities, including outside Russia.  

Our partners are: Lomonosov Moscow State University, Irkutsk State University, University of Vienna (Austria), University of Uppsala (Sweden), and University of Warsaw (Poland).

Upon completion of the Programme, our students will be able to compete in both Russian and international job markets as specialists in migration.

They will be equipped with:

Graduates of the Programme will have a variety of career paths to follow: state and regional/local government bodies, think tanks, consultancy and analytics services, educational and academic research, and other social institutions handling migration and migration-related issues, public and international organizations. They will be fully prepared to proceed to postgraduate degrees and do doctoral research if they choose to.

A few more details on the Programme

The Programme will introduce students to both theoretical and empirical issues in migration and migration-related social phenomena and policies (migration management, migrant strategies, migrant adaptation and integration, and other). Led by experienced Russian and international experts, they will learn international standards and best practices developed in various migration-related professional fields.

The Programme includes:

The Programme is highly internationalized as we strive to create a truly international learning environment, with support from other Russian and international partner universities.

Migration Studies is an autonomous master programme run at National Research Tomsk State University (TSU) that is a recognized and highly-ranked centre of science and education in Siberia and beyond (TSU in 2019: #3 in Russian National University Rankings, #268 according to QS World University Rankings, 501-600 in THE Rankings, and #8 in EECA University Rankings). Thus, our students will get access to the infrastructure of one of the leading national universities in Russia that will ensure best learning experience for them.

Admission requirements are:

1. To submit application including:

2. Applicants selected for the second round will:


Director of the Programme: Iraida V. Nam, Dr.Sc. (History), Professor at TSU Department of Russian History, and Head of Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research

For further inquiries, please contact Programme’s Manager Ekaterina Sadyrina at: 


The project "Man in a Changing World. Identity and Social Adaptation: Past and Present" is funded by the Russian Government
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