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Fundamentals of applied anthropology

On April 7–11, 2014, at the invitation of the TSU Laboratory for social and anthropological research, Elena V. Miskova, Associate Professor at the Department of ethnology (Lomonosov Moscow State University), Cand.Sc. (History), visited the city of Tomsk. Elena is one of the leading Russian experts in medical anthropology. Her research interests include the history of Anglo-American anthropology, applied ethnology, ethnography of indigenous peoples of the Russian North and Siberia.

At TSU, Elena Miskova delivered a number of open lectures themed ‘Fundamentals of applied anthropology’. The topics of the lectures comprised a wide range of issues, including the history of the emergence and development of applied anthropology at the pre-disciplinary and institutional levels, both in Russia and abroad, and the main methodological approaches, achievements and issues in applied research in such areas as the anthropology of organizations, ethno-sociological expert evaluation, medical and legal anthropology, and ethno-politics.

On the whole, around 40 people attended the lectures, the majority of them being university teaching staff members and students of TSU departments (27 people). Besides, 8 people representing other Tomsk universities and organizations took part in the course. The subsequent feedback revealed the overall high assessment of the course by the participants who pointed out the benefit of the lectures.

Along with the teaching, Elena had a chance to get to know the city of Tomsk and shared her impressions in her travel notes published on social media.

More on Elena Miskova’s lectures please see here:

Interview with Associate Professor of Lomonosov MSU Elena Miskova on the ‘Echo of Moscow’ radio (Tomsk)

Interview with Associate Professor of Lomonosov MSU Elena Miskova on the ‘Radio of Russia’ (Tomsk)

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