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The archaeological heritage in the formation and transformation of regional and ethnic identities in Siberia

The research group studies the issue of using, maintaining and reinterpreting the archaeological heritage to construct and transform ethnic and regional identities in Siberia. The identity crisis related to the crumbling of Soviet society values sparked unprecedented interest in the archaeological heritage which is currently being rethought and used by different political and social forces for their own benefit. Archaeological monuments and objects often become symbols of solidarity for one group or another legitimizing their cultural or political rights. The pressing issue of archaeological ethics and the role of archaeologists in constructing identities are also dealt with. The mechanisms and causes of mythologizing the ancient pre-literate period of history and most real archaeological objects are studied through concrete examples (the “Princess Ochi-Bala” of Altai, the legendary Grustina (Garsiona) at the site of modern Tomsk, etc.).  Latest technology is used to popularize the cultural and historical heritage of Siberia online and at museums. Currently under development are programmes for promoting archaeological brands as a resource for developing regions.  


Evgeniy A. Vasiliev

Head of the research group
LSAR Leading Research Fellow
Head of Subdepartment of Archaeology and History-Oriented Regional Studies Department of History, National Research Tomsk State University
Candidate of Historical Science



Olga V. Zaytseva

LSAR Senior Research Fellow
Director of Collective-Use Centre for Interdisciplinary Archaeological Research “Artifact”
Candidate of Historical Science



Evgeniy V. Vodyasov

LSAR Senior Research Fellow
Research Fellow at Collective-Use Centre for Interdisciplinary Archaeological Research “Artifact”
Candidate of Historical Science


The project "Man in a Changing World. Identity and Social Adaptation: Past and Present" is funded by the Russian Government
(grant #14.В25.31.0009)
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